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Apple V. Samsung

The epic, ongoing global legal battle that is being waged between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. has escalated again. On Friday, The White House vetoed an International Trade Commission Ban on the importation of specific older Apple products. No President has taken this level of intervention in an ITC ruling since 1987. The ITC complaint originally listed a litany of patent infringement claims of Samsung against Apple, for which only one was substantiated. However, this one involved a core, fundamental technology (Patent No. 7,706,348) that allowed some early Apple devices to connect to mobile networks. Samsung claimed this was a legal type of patents called “Standard Essential Patents” (or a ’348 Patent). These type of patents allow electronic companies to focus on development surrounding a core standardized service or platform (think VHS, DVD, Bluray, etc.). Less variability in standards equals less risk in investment and we all win, or so the thinking goes. Samsung may have overplayed its’ hand, however, in seeking to use the ITC’s authority to ban importation as a punishment against Apple. The Obama Administration, after a series of comments criticizing the negative economic effects of patent litigation, exercised a executive veto over the ITC ban. You can read more about this from the LA Times here or Bloomberg here.

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