What Is A 3X Medical Bills Offer | Toledo Car Accident Lawyer

Dennis E. Sawan, founder of The Law Office of Dennis E. Sawan, a Toledo car accident law firm, is occasionally asked, Do auto insurance companies always offer 3 times medical bills for settlement?


In this video Dennis explains that this is not always the case. Car insurance companies take many things into consideration when evaluating what they think is a fair settlement for a car accident claim.


Over the years, people have become accustomed to assuming that car insurance companies always offer an amount equal to 3 times medical bills to settle a claim. In short, this is not always the case. Car insurance companies take a variety of factors into account when making a settlement offer. Some of these factors are medical bills, lost wages and future lost wages, future medical bills, your pain while working, doing home chores, what you can no longer do and what hurts to do that you were normally able to do without pain before the accident. Another key inquiry in into whether the injury caused is temporary or permanent. On the less obvious end, factors considered include who your lawyer is, how well you do in deposition, what county your case would be filed in. The key here is that each case is different, and no formulaic approach will ever fit every case.


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