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Public access to legal information is the cornerstone of our judicial system. The public must understand their rights in order to protect them. With this in mind, Attorney Dennis E. Sawan has created a series of videos providing general legal information to the public free of charge. To view any of these, simply click on the video below or visit the youtube channel.


Toledo Car Accident Lawyer |  Your Claim

What Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know | 1-866-INJURY-0


Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer |  Burdens of Proof


Toledo Car Accident Lawyer | 7 Tips


 Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer | Ohio Personal Injury Basics


 Toledo Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Standard of Care


 Toledo Civil Trial Lawyer | What Is Discovery?


Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer | Ohio Dog Bite Law


Toledo Car Accident Lawyer |  Car Accident Subrogation


Toledo Car Accident Lawyer |  Uninsured Car Accidents


Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer |  Slip and Fall Claims


Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer |  Answer and Default





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