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Large Truck Causation Study: Top 10 Causes of Trucking Accidents


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducted a study in 2007 to determine the top causes of truck accidents in the U.S. due to the rise in trucking accidents in recent years. Truck accidents are often much more problematic and involve more serious injury and consequences than other motor vehicle accidents, due, in large part, to the sheer size of a truck in comparison to that of a car or motorcycle. The top 10 causes of trucking accidents are as follows:


10. Aggressive driving behavior: Truck drivers acting aggressively accounted for approximately 7% of truck accidents as noted in the study.
9. Inefficient Evasive Action-7%
8. Outside Distraction- 8%
7. Illegal maneuvering of the vehicle- 9%
6. Driver Fatigue- 13%
5. Improper surveillance of the area and other vehicles- 14%
4. Over-the-counter drug impairment-18%
3. Unfamiliarity with roadway/location-22%
2. Driving too fast-23%
1. Prescription drug use-26%


Based on the findings of this study, truck driving accidents are overwhelmingly the result of inefficient attention to the road and driving conditions, as well as driving impairment in some form or another. It is imperative that you contact a Personal Injury Attorney to represent your case and get you the compensation you deserve, before it is too late!


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