Injured in a Car Accident? | Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer


Toledo Attorney Dennis E. Sawan has experience representing those injured in car accidents. These injuries frequently lead to loss of employment or wage loss, medical bills and a lot of talking from insurance company employees trying to protect the bottom line. The experience often leaves my clients feeling financially strapped and overwhelmed. If you of a loved one has been hurt due to the negligence of another in Ohio, don’t fight alone. Call the Law Office of Dennis E. Sawan today.
Toledo Ohio Car Accident Injury Basics

There are over 4 million cars in Ohio, and occasionally they crash into one another. This leads to a huge potential for liability. In turn we collectively pay premiums to insurance companies that promise to protect us in the event we are in an accident. The problem is that no matter how careful we are, the negligence of another driver often leads to the injury.

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