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Soft tissue injuries are defined as the damage of musclesligaments and tendons throughout the body. Common soft tissue injuries usually occur from a sprainstrain, a one off blow resulting in a contusion or overuse of a particular part of the body. Soft tissue injuries can result in painswellingbruising and loss of function. Rear end collisions tend to be unique in the sense that they frequently result in what is often referred to as whiplash. The term “whiplash” is a colloquialism. “Cervical acceleration-deceleration” (CAD) describes the mechanism of the injury, while the term “whiplash associated disorders” (WAD) describes the injury and symptoms. 


One of the biggest challenges in a Toledo rear end collision case may come from the nature of the injuries sustained in this type of collision. Rear end collisions often cause some form of the soft tissue injury explained above. Rear end collisions might also cause closed head injuries, which can result in long-term or permanent disability. Often these kinds of injuries can be hard to see or document because they might not be visible on the surface or show up on an MRI or CAT Scan. As a result, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to fight these kinds of injuries. Alternatively, they may take the position that if the vehicle itself isn’t seriously damaged, the people in the vehicle must not have been badly hurt. This is inherently flawed reasoning because serious injuries can – and do — result from rear end collisions, even if the vehicle isn’t crushed.


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