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Recovering financially from an accident can be just as important as recovering physically — when long-term disability, loss in quality of life, or expensive medical bills create an uncertain future for individuals and families. Since insurance companies are in business to make a profit, their primary interest is in looking out for themselves and not necessarily an injury victim. To put it simply, insurance companies would rather protect their bottom line than protect you.


As a result, insurers employ a number of strategies to reduce or deny personal injury claims. They may try to gain your confidence in order to ask you questions about your accident, medical history, or personal information. In most cases, they’re looking for a statement or medical fact they can use later against you. They may even try to hold you totally or partially at fault in the hopes of reducing or denying your claim. The most common mistake people injured in a car accident make is to trust that insurance companies are on your side. Toledo Personal Injury Attorney Dennis E. Sawan can help protect you against the immense resources insurance companies expend.


With Toledo Personal Injury Attorney Dennis E. Sawan, you will always get a strong advocate devoted to representing injured clients and their families in personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout the state of Ohio. I understand how insurance companies think, the tactics they use to confuse issues, and the shortcomings of the methods many of them use to estimate personal injury claims.



Dennis E. Sawan is a personal injury Attorney serving serious injuries and car accidents in Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Parma, Canton, Youngstown, Lorain, Hamilton, Springfield, Kettering, Elyria, Lakewood, Cuyahoga Falls, Euclid, Middletown, Mansfield, Newark, Findlay, Urbana, Chillicothe and Zanesville OH areas.


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