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Making an insurance claim? here’s what you need to know.


Even though you may be injured in a car accident as a result of another driver’s negligence, you usually do not deal directly with the other driver to settle your claim for damages. This is fortunate, because it is rare that an individual have the resources available to make you whole after a serious accident or injury. In a typical car accident, you or your lawyer will deal directly with the other driver’s insurance company. 


Because of this, it is vital that you gather certain information at the scene of the accident. This information includes the name and contact information for:


  1. The other driver;
  2. The other driver’s insurance company;
  3. Any witnesses to the accident; and
  4. Any law enforcement officers that come to the scene.


It is also wise to take photographs of the scene if you are able to. Most people carry cellular phones, and the vast majority have camera functionality. While at the accident scene, take pictures of:


  1. The locations of the vehicles;
  2. Areas of physical damage to each vehicle; and
  3. The license plates of each vehicle.


The best way to successfully pursue and settle a claim with the other driver or their insurance company is to understand that the insurance company will require a lot of information from you.


The other thing to remember is that the insurance company is NOT on your side. The insurance company is in business to make money, and it makes money when it pays out less money to you on a claim than it otherwise has to. The insurance company tries to accomplish this by arguing (1) the accident was completely or partially your fault, and so you should only be paid a reduced amount on your claim, and (2) you haven’t provided sufficient documentation to support your claims of loss. Sometimes it may argue both points with you.



Dennis E. Sawan is a Toledo Car Accident Lawyer licensed to practice law in the States of Ohio and Florida. To speak with him about your car accident claim, call 1-866-INJURY-0 or 419-900-0955.



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Insurance Settlements | Toledo Car Accident Lawyer
Toledo Car Accident Lawyer Dennis E. Sawan explains some valuable information about settling car accident claims. For more, call 1-866-INJURY-0 or 419-900-0955.

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