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What is a Defective Product?


Defective and harmful products cause numerous injuries, and even deaths, in the United States annually. Under the product liability law, the seller or manufacturer of the product is responsible for a product and its negative effects on a consumer. The manufacturer and consumer are protected based on local and state laws, and an experienced attorney can help you get the protection you need to win your case against them.


The product can be defective in various ways. Typically, the product can have a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect.


A design defect is present in the initial planning phases of producing a product. A factor in the product’s physical design is unsafe. Often times, sellers or manufacturers select the lowest cost design for a product and choose cost over safety. Selecting the cheapest design may lead to an injury that could have been prevented.


A manufacturing defect occurs during the product’s assembly. The product does not match the manufacturer’s design or specifications, but was still released to consumers. Often times, manufacturers try to blame the consumer for negligence. They are protected by law that states the product would have not been defective had the consumer handled it properly. Attorney Dennis Sawman is experienced in product liability law, and will not settle for a manufacturer blaming you for negligence.


A marketing defect includes labeling products improperly, false or inadequate instructions, or not warning the consumer about a possible danger in the product. These types of information are important for a consumer to decide whether or not to use the product. In efforts to make more in sales, manufacturers fail to inform the consumer of harmful risks their product may have, and consumers are more likely to face an injury, and in extreme cases, death.


If you feel that you recently purchased or consumed a product that had either a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect, contact the law office of Dennis Sawan. Get legal representation for the injury a faulty product caused, and stop manufacturers from hurting other consumers. Call for a free consultation today (567) 343-5662.

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