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T-bone Collisions


A t-bone collision, or a side collision, occurs when the side of one or more vehicles is impacted. These collisions are the deadliest, often times causing serious head injury. This is due to the driver’s only protection from another vehicle is a window and a thin door. These types of accidents are taken very seriously, and it is important to examine all facets of the accident when developing a defense strategy.


Causes of T-bone Collisions?


T-bone collisions kill approximately 8,500 to 10,000 individuals every year in the United States. They often lead to serious injuries and cases are not taken lightly by insurance agencies, city officials, and attorneys, and neither should you. Typically, a t-bone collision can occur for reasons such as:


- A driver running a red light
- A vehicle blocking an intersection with incoming traffic
- Negligence
- Driving fatigued
- Distracted driving such as utilizing cell phones, radio, or GPS navigational devices
- Vehicle or traffic light malfunction


Who is at Fault in a T-bone Collision?


There are multiple parties involved in a t-bone collision case because they often times result in severe injuries. The cause of the collision can be a manufacturer’s concern if there was a malfunction in a driver’s brake. The collision can be a concern for the city if the traffic lights were not in coordinance at the moment of collision. If you have been involved in or wrongfully accused of fault in a t-bone collision, consult with an experienced T-bone collision attorney to discuss your options.


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