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Rear-end Collisions


A rear-end collision, one of the most common types of automobile accidents,  is an accident where a car is struck from behind by another car. This type of collision is generally most dangerous for the driver being struck. The “whiplash” movement caused by the sudden force from behind can be responsible for neck, spinal, head, or soft tissue  injuries. The severity of injury may also be affected by the speed of the striking car; if the car being struck is stationary at the time of collision, the impact is typically greater.


Causes of Rear-end Collisions


Rear-end collisions can occur for many reasons. One of the most common reasons can be attributed to a car following another too closely. Other key reasons rear-end collisions are the most common accident in the United States include:


- Driving distractions including the use of cell phones, radio,  or GPS navigational devices
- Negligence and not paying attention
- Weather conditions such as ice, rain, or snow
- Striving to go through a yellow light when the car ahead does not
- Sudden stop in traffic
- Inability to reach the brake


Who is at Fault in a Rear-end Collision?


There is a lot of information and evidence taken into consideration when deciding who is at fault for a rear-end collision. This makes proving a rear-end collision very difficult to do without the assistance of an attorney.


Often times, the driver who struck the car in front of them is blamed for causing the collision. The car may have been following too closely or tailgating and not leaving enough of a space between the two cars.


Although, the car behind is not always entirely at fault. The car ahead may have been recklessly driving, or randomly stopping without prior indication. Whatever the reason, consulting with car accident  attorney Dennis Sawan can help you win your rear-end collision case. Proving your case may be difficult, but the law office of Dennis Sawan will investigate each and every detail of the accident to form a successful defense strategy.


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