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Distracted Driving


The majority of mobile phone users utilize the text messaging function on their phones multiple times a day. It has developed into a preferred form of communication for many. Often times, people cannot wait to check a new text message. This type of distraction is a danger to yourself, and everybody on the road.


There are multiple sources of distraction for drivers other than texting. These include:


- Eating or drinking
- Assisting children
- Listening to music or changing the radio station
- Putting on make up
- Picking up something that fell
- Using a GPS
- Browsing the internet or checking e-mail
- Talking on the phone without a headset
- Watching TV or a movie


What should you do if you cause a car accident because of distractions?


If you believe you caused an accident while being distracted, you can face monetary fines, criminal charges, or even jail time. Your driving privileges may be suspended and you may be required to take road safety classes. Your driving record will be affected, and your vehicle may suffer from serious damages. Speak with attorney Dennis Sawan and see how you can get your driving privileges back.


 Texting and Driving


Texting while driving causes approximately 1,600,000 accidents per year, and causes 25% of all car accidents. In Ohio, texting while driving increases the car accidents by 23 times. Because of this, the state of Ohio has banned texting while driving entirely. Drivers in Ohio will be fined and given a misdemeanor offence for texting. Teen drivers will face higher penalties and a possible confiscation of license.


What should I do if I was Injured by a Texting Driver?


Contact the law office of Dennis Sawan today. The amount of compensation you can receive varies from case to case and is influenced by the severity of the injury and damage to your vehicle. Texting while driving is banned in the state of Ohio and is not an action taken lightly.


You should not suffer because someone didn’t follow the law. For a free consultation call 1-866-INJURY-0 or 419-900-0955.
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