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Bicyclist / Car Collisions


More and more people are choosing cycling as a preferred method of transportation. While the majority of bicycle accidents that occur only involve the bicyclist, there are instances in which a bicycle and car collide. These accidents generally occur in busy intersections, and the bicyclist and driver struggle at agreeing who is to blame.


Causes of Bicycle Accidents


A bicyclist and vehicle are responsible for following the rules of the road accordingly. Collisions occur when one or both of the parties is negligent at obeying the law. In accordance to Ohio law, a bicyclist should:


- Never ride on the freeway
- Ride on the seat of the bicycle
- Keep one hand on the handlebar at all times
- Ride along only one other bicycle in a lane
- Have proper lighting attached at night
- Have a functioning brake
- Be on the look out


In accordance to Ohio law pertaining to proper bicycle-vehicle behavior, a vehicle should:


- Share the road with bicyclists
- Pass bicyclists safely
- Keep three feet between the vehicle and bicycle
- Leave a large amount of space between the vehicle and bicycle when the vehicle is turning
- Be on the look out


To avoid collisions between a vehicle and bicycle, both parties should increase awareness of their presence, be on the lookout, and obey state and local driving laws.


Who is to Blame in a Bicycle and Car Accident?


Ohio, like all states in the United States, recognize a bicycle as a vehicle. Bicyclists and vehicles must follow the rules of the road. In an accident between a bicyclists and a car, the blame is generally attributed to the individual who did not respect their “right of way.” Parties often times disagree who neglected to follow traffic signals.
Accidents between a bicyclist and automobile can be very dangerous. Around 10% of bicycle accidents are reported to the police. Don’t leave your case unreported and be left with large medical bills you shouldn’t have to pay. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident and need professional legal representation, contact the law office of Dennis Sawan at 1-866-INJURY-0 or 419-900-0955.



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