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Bad Faith Insurance Claims


When purchasing insurance plans and paying premiums for coverage, we expect that our insurance companies will be there to defend and to cover for us when we need it most. However, sometimes insurance companies can be unreasonable and deny us the coverage or benefits that we need, depending on the claims that we make. When our insurance companies do not provide us the coverage that we have paid for and is specified in the policy within a timely manner, they are going against the agreement, and are should be held responsible for their wrongdoing.


Bad Faith Insurance can be defined as the limitation of or denial of coverage and benefits without the proper notification or justification. By not providing a detailed explanation for their decisions, insurance companies unfairly take advantage of us and our money. It is important to file a claim for Bad Faith Insurance if your insurance company has done any of the following:


·        Not properly evaluating your claim in a timely manner
·        Unjustifiably denying you payment
·        Underpaying or negotiating lower amounts than what is deserved
·        Not defending you against claims of others
·        Not settling your claim within the policy limits
·        Interpreting the language in your policy in order to unfairly not pay out benefits deserved


Bad Faith Insurance Claims cause undue stress and worry because of the faith that we once had in our insurance policies. When we are unfairly denied the coverage and benefits that we need, it may feel as though we are being backed into a corner with no choice but to accept the decision of the insurance company. With the help of a Bad Faith Insurance Claim Attorney, your case will be fully evaluated to ensure that all details of your policy are covered and clearly interpreted so that your insurance company cannot find loopholes to get out of payouts.


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