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What is a Hazardous Product?


Hazardous Product Lawyer in Toledo, Dennis E. Sawan, knows what makes a product hazardous and how to help if you have been wrongfully hurt by a hazardous product. Hazardous products injure or hurt many citizens annually due to the negligence of manufacturers.


Products can be hazardous for a multiple of reasons


A product may cause harm because it is naturally a dangerous product. Types of these products, such as firearms or other weapons, generally require a license and are age-restricted. Products, that were originally safe, can become hazardous if the product is altered by the user. If a product was altered in a way that is not within safety guidelines, the product may cause danger. Defects in products are one of the most common reasons a product becomes dangerous. Most often, a product can have a design, manufacturer, or warning label defect. Under probability law, a manufacturer or seller is responsible for the product and the dangerous effects it may have on a consumer.


What are Examples of Hazardous Products?


Hazardous products impose a great risk of injury for its users. If you believe you have been wrongfully harmed by a hazardous product, contact Dennis E. Sawan, Hazardous Products Attorney in Toledo Ohio, immediately.
Examples of a hazardous product include, but is not limited to:
  • Products with a toxic or poisonous substance
  • Expired foods
  • Products with concealed sharp edges or blades
  • Defective products
  • Illegal products not permitted for selling or using in the United States
  • Products that reach high levels of heat, traveling speeds, or electricity voltages
Hazardous products are often times found in the form of toys. Negligence of manufacturers can impose great threat to the life of a child. Toys that can be harmful to children include toys that contain a choking hazard, explosives, heat, electricity, sharp edges, or high-risk activities such as motorized scooters.


What Should I Do if I’ve been Injured by a Hazardous Product?


If you or a loved one has been wrongfully harmed by a hazardous product, contact Hazardous Product Attorney in Toledo, Ohio, Dennis Sawan, immediately. You should not be paying for a manufacturer’s negligence. Receive personal and professional legal representation so you can get your money back for the medical bills and other expenses the hazardous product caused. The Law Office of Dennis E. Sawan, Personal Injury Attorney in Toledo, Ohio, is here to help. Call today for a free consultation (567) 343-5662.

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