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Injuries At Sporting and Entertainment Events


When a client gets injured in a stadium or arena, it is of critical importance that I review the facts of the specific case to determine:


Whether the sports arena – a person or the company – owed you a duty of reasonable care

Whether they failed in this duty when an item – a hockey puck, baseball, baseball bat, etc. – caused an injury

Whether this failure to ensure safety led to or caused the injury

Premises Liability


An owner or operator of a sports or entertainment venue may be liable for a variety of different oversights. For example, they may be liable if the seats, steps or stands are found to be hazardous. Liability can also be premised on a failure to properly maintain the screens around the stadium or arena, or a failure to intervene in the event that attendees engage in a fight.


Spectator Injuries


Next time you go to an event, look at the fine print on the back of the ticket. A spectator attends an event assuming the usual risks associated with the event. However, this assumption does not include:


Injuries while sitting behind a screen

Large, un-repaired holes in the screen

Injuries that occur while walking to a screened seat

Some injuries caused my other spectators

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