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Slip and Fall Injuries


As the name implies, slip and fall injuries are those caused when someone slips, usually on a foreign substance or uneven ground, and falls. Frequently, such cases arise due to icy sidewalks in front of business, or wet floors inside. Depending on the specific facts, a property owner may or may not be liable in these types of cases. A property owner has a duty to exercise reasonable care to maintain the premises in such a way as to avoid dangerous conditions to those lawfully allowed onto the property. However, if the condition of the property is noticed by the customer or is otherwise open and obvious, the property owner may not be liable because the plaintiff has a duty to protect him or herself from such risks.


Even common accidents such as slips and falls can present very complex legal issues and complicated questions of both fact and law. Accordingly, if you have been injured in a premise liability case, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is in the best position to advise you on your rights and secure an favorable outcome for you. If you have been injured due to a slip and fall, call The Law Office of Dennis E. Sawan today to schedule a free consultation.


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