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Truck Driver Fatigue


Truck driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck accidents, which is why there are federal regulations for the maximum number of hours a trucker can driver per day, per week, and consecutively. There are also regulations for the minimum number of consecutive hours that a trucker must be off-duty between shifts to rest.


Despite these federal regulations, studies have determined that many drivers do not adhere to these restrictions, mostly on account of pressures from trucking or delivery companies to make a delivery on time.


Effects of Fatigue on Driving


Studies also have noted that driver attention begins to noticeably decrease after roughly 4 hours behind the wheel, and very steeply after 8 hours. A 1987 IIHS study shows that drivers who are behind the wheel for longer than 8 hours are almost twice as likely to have an accident as those who are rested and not behind the wheel for as many consecutive hours.


After a truck accident, it should be determined whether the truck driver drove longer than was legal and if the driver’s employers encouraged the violation of service limits, in order to determine all liable parties in the case.


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