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Lost Load  and Overloaded Truck Accidents


When a load is improperly secured or overloaded in the back of a truck, the risk of losing the load is significant and can cause serious damages and potential fatalities. It is a misdemeanor offense for a truck driver to load his truck insecurely as this poses a serious threat to the safety of other vehicles on the road. While most truck drivers take extra precautions to ensure that their loads are secured in the back of the truck, even minor negligence can be the cause of a deadly accident.


A truck driver’s negligence in securing his truck’s load poses severe risks to other drivers and pedestrians. Especially on a highway where traffic is driving at fast speeds, objects that fall out of a truck can come barreling into your path, into your window or windshield or force you to swerve into another lane of traffic, all detrimental to your safety and well being.
 Overloaded trucks are a serious hazard on the roadway and can cause significant harm and damage to other vehicles. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring that their trucks are loaded safely and securely, which holds them liable for circumstances in which trucks are overloaded and cause an accident on the highway. Overloaded trucks have significantly more trouble stopping quickly and may face mechanical failures due to the tremendous amount carried. Overloaded trucks are also hard on the road, and over time can create potholes, cracks and other damages that can cause harm to other drivers.


It is imperative to file a claim for damages if you have been involved in an overloaded or lost load truck accident, to ensure that you are awarded the damages that you deserve because of the danger that you were put in, and the devastating consequences of a driver’s negligence. Equally as imperative as filing the claim is hiring a personal injury attorney who will aggressively represent you against the trucking company, insurance companies and other associated parties with a vested interest in keeping payouts low.


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