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Truck Accidents on Dangerous Highways & Roads


Because of their tremendous size, long stopping distance and momentum, trucks are especially at risk of accidents on dangerous highways and roads. Truck accidents can be the direct result of the road or dangerous conditions on the road, such as:


·        Poor lighting
·        Faultydirectional signals
·        Inadequate signs and traffic signals
·        Failure to adequately manage traffic through road construction sites
·        Lack of/inadequate hardware for the road
·        Design defects
·        Construction defects
·        Significant amount of blind spots
·        Significant amount of potholes
·        Roadway is too narrow, steep or curvy


Liability in Truck Accidents on Dangerous Roads


Government entities, the state, the city or the county in which the road is maintained under may be the responsible parties for road defects that result in truck accidents. In these cases, there is a very limited window of opportunity available for victims to pursue relief and damages for the accident they have been involved in. Other liable parties may include the truck driver himself as well as the employer, if it is determined that the employer had pressured the driver for time constraints and delivery times.


What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do to Help Me?


A Personal Injury Attorney specializes in accidents such as truck accidents and will analyze the facts of your case and help determine all liable parties involved. Your Personal Injury Attorney will strive to get you the results- the compensation and relief- that you are entitled to after a serious medical injury due to a truck accident on a dangerous road. A professional attorney knows the ins and outs of the legal system and will represent your case against insurance companies and liable parties who strive to minimize their responsibility in the incident.


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If you have been injured due to a trucking accident on a dangerous road or highway, you need a Personal Injury Attorney to work on your behalf to hold all liable parties accountable for the accident that occurred. The legal system is complicated and without a professional attorney to represent you, your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve for your accident are significantly lowered.


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