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Blind Spot Truck Accidents


Side swipe truck accidents are crashes in which an automobile is in the blind spot of a truck which disables the truck driver from seeing the car. The blind spot of a semi is much larger and is typically referred to as the “no zone.” If an automobile driver is driving within the “no zone” spot, they are much more likely to get into an accident with the truck.


Who is Liable in Blind Spot Truck Accidents?


The truck driver will most likely claim that the automobile driver is at fault for driving in the no zone spot. However, the truck driver may be held liable for the accident if he or she failed to properly check their blind spot before maneuvering the truck.


In cases such as these, it is your word against the truck driver, and if you are pursuing a claim for damages after being involved in a truck driving blind spot accident, you are much more likely to have your case dismissed or to receive an unfair settlement if you do not have proper legal representation.


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