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Dangerous Drugs and Birth Defects


Exposure to teratogens, which are substances that can interfere with the regular development of the fetus or embryo can result in birth defects that were potentially preventable. Both prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs can be teratogens to an unborn fetus and the potential for harm typically depends on:


·        The type of drug
·        The dosage
·        The frequency in which the drug is taken
·        The fetal development stage at the time of exposure to the teratogen
·        The individual fetus’ response
·        Maternal diet, lifestyle habits and any illnesses


Doctors and health care providers have the responsibility to make sure that any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs taken during pregnancy are safe for consumption during each stage of the pregnancy. Any failure to do so that results in birth defects could hold the doctor or health care provider liable for damages incurred by the mother or child. Some medications that could pose a threat to an unborn fetus include:


·        Antibiotics
·        Benzodiazepines
·        Dermatological drugs
·        NSAIDs
·        SSRIs
·        Anti-cancer drugs
·        Anti-seizure medication
·        Thyroid medications
·        Sex hormones
·        Blood pressure drugs
·        Asthma drugs
·        Certain vaccines
·        Lithium
·        Thalidomide


Because of the seriousness of negative drug interactions with the fetus, any complications should be noted and monitored very closely upon birth. It is also imperative that you consult with your doctor about the potential for fetal damage when taking a new medication during pregnancy and medications should be kept to a minimum.


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