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With the ubiquity of the internet, it is inevitable that our online persona will outlive our physical bodies. What is less clear is who is in control of our digital lives once we pass. Digital Legacy Management is a cutting edge area of  legal practice that involves applying established intellectual property and estate law to a novel and growing problem of technology. It aims to establish an individual’s last wishes regarding their digital lives. Toledo Attorney Dennis E. Sawan can help to provide legal guidance to individuals wishing to establish a digital assets plan. Dennis E. Sawan can assist by;


Reviewing and explaining  the privacy policies and terms and conditions of each website where you have a presence


Memorializing how you wish to have your profiles handled upon death. You may want to completely cancel a profile or keep it up as a memorial for your family and friends to view


Appointing a social media executor


Drafting legal documents outlining the location and access information of all the websites where sensitive information is stored


Stipulating that the social media executor is entitled to a copy of the death certificate (this can be critical to exercising authority after death)


Checking for and explaining processes social media websites have for managing affairs prior to death.


Drafting and authorizing the publication of a final statement on social media platforms


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