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Felony level charges have the most severe associated penalties of any criminal violations. With the penalties as life-altering as they are, it is critical that you obtain an intelligent and strong criminal defense advocate to fight for your freedom. In the American justice system, the prosecutor has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime you are charged with. Toledo Criminal Defense Attorney Dennis E. Sawan can thoroughly investigate a matter in order to cast severe doubt about the allegations. If you or a loved one have been charged with a Felony in the State of Ohio, call Toledo Criminal Defense Attorney Dennis E. Sawan today.


This page outlines the various penalties authorized by statute as punishment for the conviction of felony offenses in Ohio. It cannot be stressed enough, there are near infinite exceptions and additions to these general rules, so please consult a criminal defense attorney for specific information or legal advice. Felony penalties range in severity from 6 months incarceration to death. The potential penalties for a conviction of these offenses are as follows:


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Prison Term

Maximum Fine

Aggravated Murder with Death Specification


Life without parole

Life with parole after 20 – 30 years


Aggravated Murder without Death Specification

Life with parole after 20 years



15  – Life

Life without parole for certain sexual specifications


Offense Level

Prison Term

Maximum Fine

1st Degree

3-10 Years


2nd Degree

2-8 Years


3rd Degree

1-5 Years


4th Degree

6-18 Months


5th Degree

6-12 Months



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