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A Lean Compromise is Better Than a Fat Lawsuit.


Litigation can be extremely costly, uncertain and emotionally taxing. Due to this, it can often be in parties best economic and personal interest to seek alternative methods of resolving disputes. One current legal trend is to seek mediation of disputes through the use of a neutral and sophisticated arbitrator to reach a mutually beneficial resolution. ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution, is a novel and progressive approach to solving a wide variety of issues.


 What A Skilled Mediator Does


While remaining impartial, a good mediator listens actively and serves as a sounding board. A skilled arbitrator facilitates productive and respectful communication between parties to a dispute. If necessary, they can provide and explain information about policies and rules, and about the context of a concern. In some circumstances, it is helpful to use the confidentiality a mediator can provide to elicit vital information exchange. This role, if served properly, can help to facilitate a prompt and equitable resolution to disputes. It can often prove helpful to have an unattached party re-frame issues, liabilities and preferences of the parties to a dispute. A creative mediator can help to develop and evaluate new and unique options for resolution. Many times, it is helpful to utilize mediation within an organization, allowing for a consideration of potential future problem in an informal manner. Lastly, a mediator can identify and communicate about patterns of issues and suggest policy or systems change.


Benefits of ADR


Confidentiality Protection
Time Management
Cost Avoidance
Control Maintenance


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