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When a cause of action arises in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, the choice of the right person to serve as local counsel is critical to the outcome. Whether as a result of settlement or litigation, a local attorney that is familiar with the local court rules, regulations and legal precedents can be indispensable. Your clients entrust you with their legal rights, and in turn, it’s vital to reciprocate that care in the selection of a referring attorney.


Shop Around


Before any decision is made regarding local counsel for a case, you and your client should always examine your local options. Schedule meetings with your client and multiple Attorneys and Law Firms, and collectively weigh the relative strengths and weaknesses of each.


Attorney-Client Privilege


When an out of town or out of state attorney requests me to act as local counsel for a client, their relationship with that client remains secure. The Attorney-Client privilege is a fundamental cornerstone of the justice system. As evidence of my appreciation for this confidential relationship, I always respect the pre-existing relationships developed by the referring attorney or law firm and their clients.


What You And Your Clients Can Expect


Competent local counsel in the Toledo, Ohio and Northwest Ohio area

Streamlined Practice Management Software Maximizes communication and efficiency

High ethical standards in accordance with American Bar Association’s Rules for Lawyer Referral Services

Small Practice size Allows for Attentive Representation

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