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Working with injured victims, I have become intimately familiar with the exorbitant cost of health care and the often confusing patchwork of health insurance coverage. After a car accident or other catastrophic incident, victims and their families can be left feeling helpless and questioning how a potential personal injury case will interface with their health insurance provider.


Am I Required to Notify my Health Provider That I Have a Personal Injury Claim? 


The critical point here is one of required notice. Health insurers generally require their insured to report any potential personal injury claims to them. Medicare and Medicaid have similar requirements, but even if you do not report the claim there is a good chance they will find out anyways. Health insurers program their computers to flag payments that often occur due to a personal injury, usually orthopedic injuries. Thus, if you break a bone in a car accident and you don’t report it, you will probably receive a letter at some point asking if you’ve had a personal injury, and if so, asking for details of the claim. It is vitally important for you to comply with this request, as failure to do so can negatively affect your ability to obtain health insurance in the future.


How Do The Medical Bills Get Paid?


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