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Car accidents can be both devastating to your health and exceptionally expensive. With medical debt as the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States, it is vital to retain a skilled personal injury attorney immediately after being injured in a car accident. Toledo Personal Injury Attorney Dennis E. Sawan has experience representing those injured in car accidents due to the negligence of another.


The Financial Responsibility Act is a statute in the State of Ohio which requires all drivers to maintain a certain level of insurance coverage at all times. Despite reports pegging the average car accident cost at just north of $68,000, Ohio has historically required a minimum coverage of $12,500 for single bodily injury and $25,000 for aggregate claims. Furthermore, the legislature has only required a minimum coverage of $7,500 for property damage. Anyone who has been in a serious car accident or just purchased a brand new vehicle knows how alarmingly low these limits were. A survey of minimum coverage in other states shows just how unreasonable they were. Only a single state in America, Florida, has lower minimum coverage limits.


Under a new Ohio State law, set to take effect next month, the legislature will seek to right the ship. By December 22, 2013, new law raises the minimum limits to $25,000 per person injured in any one accident with a $50,000.00 maximum for all persons injured in any one accident.  The minimum Property Damage Coverage will be $25,000 for property of others. This represents a huge step in the right direction for the recovery rights of victims of car accidents.


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Ohio Raises Minimum Insurance Coverage Limits
Toledo Ohio Car Accident Lawyer Dennis E. Sawan explains a change in Ohio law regarding minimum insurance limits. Call 1-866-INJURY-0 for a free consultation.

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