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Client Reviews


“I found it extremely easy to trust Dennis and would hire him again to represent me in a heartbeat. I feel trust is such an important trait of an attorney client relationship. The fact that he isn’t out to just take your money, and he actually does care about you were big selling points for me.”


“I have faith in Dennis Sawan and so should you.”


“Dennis is an amazing lawyer”


“Dennis has a profound ability to communicate complicated legal issues in a simple way for clients to understand what it means for them.”


“Dennis is professional and has a brilliant attention to detail.”


“I just feel he is a rising star in the business and I was fortunate enough to find him when I did.”


“I am so appreciative of his hard work, dedication and excellent communication.”


“His rates, very reasonable. His attitude, caring. His communication, out of this world. I never would have thought I would have that type of communication from a lawyer.”


“If you need any help, advice, or guidance with legal issues, Dennis is the man to go to.”


Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer Dennis E. Sawan


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