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Toledo Injury Attorney Dennis E. Sawan Laptop Privacy
On Thursday, a Federal Judge in New York ruled that authorities can seize and inspect laptops at all United States borders. The United States Constitution promises all citizens freedom from unreasonable search and seizures. Generally what this means is that the police or government cannot search or seize property without probable cause that a crime has been committed. This is a complex and dense area of the law, but one that is a cornerstone of our American legal system. However, this right is not absolute, and one place where Courts have habitually abrogated this right is at the border. Essentially, the logic goes that any search and seizure is reasonable at the border in light of the need to secure the country. On Thursday, this logic was applied to the digital age with a ruling that laptops can be taken and scoured by authorities at the border without probable cause or a warrant. Read the whole story from BBC here.

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