Is Law School Too Long? | Ohio Personal Injury Attorney



Allow me to preface this post by saying that my law school career was perhaps the most formative and enlightening period of my life. However, to qualify that statement, it’s important to note that the main reason for those positive aspects was my near constant employment in the judicial system. Certain critical aspects of the profession can be lost in the vacuum of law school, and as I begin my practice, the confidence that my time spent in Court has provided me is invaluable. This leads me to consider an interesting comment made by President Obama about law school. Recently, he expressed his interest in seeing law school shortened to two years instead of three. This comment comes on the heels of mounting pressure to lessen the debt burden on students. Fundamentally, his position is that the third year of law school is for little more than work experience anyways, so why pay a school? I can’t say I wholly disagree with him. Click here to read the whole story and come to your own conclusion.

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