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Toledo Truck Accident Attorney Explains How the CFR can help prove negligence


Laws exist, in part, to delineate between what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct in society. As it relates to truck drivers and trucking companies, the Code of Federal Regulation contains these laws. After a truck accident, it is critical for an Attorney to do a thorough evaluation of the situation. This inquiry should be focused on whether any regulations in the CFR were breached. Finding such a breach is an easy and potent method of establishing that negligence occurred.


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Toledo Truck Accident Lawyer | Negligence | 1-866-INJURY-0

Toledo Truck Accident Lawyer Dennis E. Sawan explains how the Code of Federal Regulations can help establish that a driver was negligent. For more, call 1-866-INJURY-0 or visit Licensed to practice law in Ohio and Florida.

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