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Drone Laws

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that the Federal Aviation Administration has issued just shy of 1,500 permits to domestic law enforcement departments to operate drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). As with many aspects of law, tech privacy is an area that tends to be hugely reactive (Consider the long list of cases involving thermal imaging and GPS tracking). Of course, part of the reason for this reactivity is the breakneck pace at which humans innovate in this space. However, there is also a component to the problem founded on a lack of foresight about the future ubiquity of certain technologies. The United States of America currently uses drones all over the world in a wide array of manners, from surgical missile strikes to administration of humanitarian aid. However, the technology has yet to spread throughout the country. As domestic drone use rises, it is important that we are all aware of the steps our state legislatures are taking to maintain a world where privacy is respected. This excellent map from Mother Jones provides a thorough survey of the nation’s drone laws.

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