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A three Judge panel of the United Stated 6th District Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled last week that a for-profit employer cannot impose religious beliefs upon it’s employees. The case arose with respect to a law passed by the Obama Administration requiring that employers provide insurance coverage for birth control. Many employers sought to argue that religious objections made this law unenforceable. The three Judge panel disagreed, stating that there was a potential for a slippery slope if employers were allowed to financially (or otherwise) benefit from potentially arbitrary religious objections. For example, the Court hypothesized that if allowed to object to birth control coverage on religious grounds, there would be nothing stopping an employer from citing religious objections to prevent employees from eating meat, dressing a certain way or even associating with certain ethnic groups. In making this decision, the three Judge panel deserves to be applauded for continuing to separate state action from the patchwork of religious beliefs in America today. With 60 or so cases of the same nature working there way through the Judicial system, one will eventually land in the Supreme Court. Stay tuned for this one.

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