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Authenticating Electronic Communications

The more and more we utilize the internet to communicate, the more often the issue of admissibility of electronic communications matters. Facebook is listed in a third of divorce filings. Every minute, nearly 1 million pieces of information are shared on Facebook alone. The Internal Revenue Service has admitted that it may (and probably already …

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92.5 KISS FM: Ask a Lawyer Segment

Every third wednesday of the month, Toledo Attorney Dennis E. Sawan appears on a talk segment on 92.5 Kiss FM: The Morning Rush. In this segment, Dennis provides general educational legal answers to the public free of charge. Tune in every third wednesday of the month from 8 – 9 am to catch some valuable …

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Biohacking: The Future is Now

  In a grungy basement just outside of Pittsburgh, a group of mostly self-taught computer developers have been dreaming of a cyborg future. The catch is that such a future might be a lot closer than we think. According to news reports, this self proclaimed ragtag group of programmers, engineers and enthusiasts have redefined the …

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A Fork in The Silk Road

For years, the quasi hidden website Silk Road has grabbed headlines for it’s facilitation of  ”anonymous” drug transactions. The website used a technology called TOR to keep users identities semi private, and bitcoins for payment. According to the TOR Project’s website, the software: is a program you can run on your computer that helps keep you …

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