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Product Liability and Defective Products

What is a Defective Product?   Defective and harmful products cause numerous injuries, and even deaths, in the United States annually. Under the product liability law, the seller or manufacturer of the product is responsible for a product and its negative effects on a consumer. The manufacturer and consumer are protected based on local and …

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92.5 KISS FM: Ask a Lawyer Segment

Every third wednesday of the month, Toledo Attorney Dennis E. Sawan appears on a talk segment on 92.5 Kiss FM: The Morning Rush. In this segment, Dennis provides general educational legal answers to the public free of charge. Tune in every third wednesday of the month from 8 – 9 am to catch some valuable …

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Personal Injury Subrogation

  Subrogation   Subrogation is a legal concept which derives from the Latin word Subrogare. Subrogare means to “cause, choose or elect someone to be chosen in place of another; put in another’s place; substitute.” In practice, this concept acts much like the root latin word. Subrogation is a personal injury concept that provides that an insurer be entitled to repayment of …

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