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Recorded statements can hurt your claim


If you’ve been in a car accident, there is a good chance you will be contacted by the car insurance company to give a recorded statement. Before you give a recorded statement, it’s always advisable to get the help of a lawyer. Let your lawyer explain your obligations and what questions you do and do not have to answer. If an adjuster is calling you after an accident:


  • - Calmly explain to them who you are
  • - Explain that you will need to discuss the matter with a lawyer
  • - State you will get back to them within a reasonable time period


Insurance companies don’t want you to speak to a lawyer


Internal insurance company documents show that they track the different lawyers involved in a case, including success rates and experience, and adjust settlements offers according to the perceived risk of losing a lawsuit against that lawyer. Before running the risk of attempting to handle a case on your own, schedule a free, no-risk consultation with a legal professional.


Communicate with your doctor


It is vital that you tell your doctor everything about your injuries from the car accident on the very first visit. Thorough and accurate documentation about your injuries is the key to getting a fair settlement or jury verdict. Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re in an accident and the most painful injury is a broken arm, with secondary pain in your leg. You go to the doctor, and for the first month, you focus on the most serious injury in the arm, leaving out the pain in the leg. As the pain in your neck becomes more tolerable, you start to worry about your leg. You tell your doctor for the first time about the leg over a month after the accident and he diagnoses you and recommends surgery. Can you guess what the insurance company will say? If you guessed that they will say that the injury wasn’t cause by the accident because it wasn’t in the initial diagnosis, you are right. This is why you should error on the side of too much information about injuries when you are speaking with your doctor initially.


Honesty is the best policy


This one goes without saying, but it is vital to the success of a claim. Every day, there are cases that go to trial and the jury fails to award compensation. Insurance companies will not settle a case if they feel that injuries or damages are being exaggerated. They know that if they take a case like that to trial, the jury will punish the injured person for being dishonest. If a case goes to trial, we trust the jury to figure out the truth. Because of this, when I trial cases, I am exceedingly honest and forthright with the jury. I find that this policy is the best for attaining fair and just results for my clients.


Car Insurance companies want you to think all lawsuits are frivolous


The insurance company industry has a multi-million dollar lobbying arm that is consistently portraying injury victims and their lawyers as filing frivolous claims in courts. They want to mislead the public into believing that these cases are about making a profit from an injury, which is blatantly false and offensively disingenuous. They want the public to have a preconceived notion that any compensation is undeserved and excessive.  People who have been injured by another’s negligence are entitled to fair compensation, that’s the law and that’s justice. Big businesses only want to increase their profits, and to this end, insurance companies love telling this tale that injured parties are fraudsters and lawyers file frivolous suits for profit. If you listened to this propaganda, just think for a second what the world would be like if a law was passed banning all personal injury lawsuits. Imagine how reckless and unsafe people would be, how much damage would be done. If businesses could make more money by pushing employees to act unsafely, without recourse, the profit motive would win out every time over individual safety.

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