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Toledo Car Accident Lawyer Explains How Car Insurance Affects Payment of Medical Bills



When you or a loved one gets injured in a car accident, Medical Bills can quickly pile up. The average car accident in the United States is estimated to cost upwards of $65,000 per accident. So how should this bill get paid? Most people have both private health insurance, as well as some coverage under a car insurance policy for medical payments (called medpay for short). It’s important to note that heath insurance is not likely to cover 100% of medical payments, often leaving a bill that needs to be paid out-of-pocket by the car accident victim. While this remainder will eventually be paid back, it can be burdensome for car accident victims to pay this out of pocket and wait. In such circumstances, I advise clients to exhaust the medpay benefits under the insurance policy, before utilizing private insurance.  This is because Medpay benefits through auto insurance will pay 100% of the bill until the policy limit is exhausted, allowing car accident victims to avoid the necessity of big out of pocket expenses.



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